Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer

Affiliated projects:
Matt Williams (Solo), Royal Suits (Pop/Variety),
Zansa (Afropop/World), HotPoint Trio (Gypsy Jazz/Swing)...

Multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer, Matt Williams, reaches listeners of all tastes with his unique approach to making music. Composing and singing for several completely different bands while performing as a guest regularly with others, Matt is one of the most engaging artists in his region. Equally astonishing in a variety of styles on violin, guitar, mandolin, bass, lap-steel, drums/percussion, and voice; Williams is as deep musically as he is compositionally.

"2020 (feat. Royal Suits)"

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MW's first studio collaboration with Royal Suits, "2020" represents the prestigious entertainment group's ability to create a musical party!  Inspired by modern pop and conditioned by over five years of performing it together, Matt invited the band to join him in the studio to create this anthemic dance single.  Collaborating with Royal Suits keyboardist and bandleader, Rich Brownstein, and bassist Ryan Reardon, the trio co-wrote and co-arranged the song then recorded it alongside fellow Royal Suits bandmates Jon Lauterer (drum set), Adriana Rosen (vocals), and Roddy Wilder (vocals).

"2020 (feat. Royal Suits)"
Produced by Matt Williams.
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by MW in The Eagle Room.

MW- Lead Vocals, Guitars, Harmony Vocals, Backing Vocals, MIDI Samples and Programming
Rich Brownstein- Keyboards, MIDI Synths
Ryan Reardon- Bass, Synth Bass
Jon Lauterer- Drums
Adriana Rosen- Harmony Vocals, Backing Vocals
Roddy Wilder- Harmony Vocals, Backing Vocals


PREVIEW MW's forthcoming solo album.  There are more pre-released songs on the music page!

Revisiting the production roots of his first two solo studio records, Matt is playing and singing most of everything you will hear on his next solo release.  The forthcoming album will blend intuitive songwriting and musical technique with powerful modern production.

VIRTUAL COLLAB: "Please Stay Home"